the --------------- counsil galactic central --------------- is responsible ---

for the safety of human civilizations --- every where --- in the universe ---- to this end ---
we have emisionaries on all populated planets --- in all known galaxies ---- there of ----

..... we came here about 26k years ago ..... as an im material spirit .......
have since in carnated several times .... but where neutralized every time soon after
but this time .... we have been able to survive up till now .... and are now active
but as soon as the earthly powers feel endangered by our intentions .... we see no hope .... 

so there is no hope for you as well ----
since every planetary instrument will have to be competing with the other ------
for acceptance of its so obiously destructive society ------ or be gone ---

so no inteligent plan will come forth ! ---- but destiny will take its part ----

meaning ----- the climate will warm up some ----- and because of this
there will be ever more methan & coČ freed !

in the now frozen ground beyond the artic circle
in the oceans water bubbling out ---- being frozen now on the ocean floor !

meaning ---- some of the stored ice on the ant arctic shelf ---- green land and others
will simply be sliding on the warming ground into the sea ---- more of it will melt away -----

till all ice stored for eons --- will be gone -----
and only one seasons snow will be there after one winters ----

meaning ---- the ocean level will not be rising a few feet over the next century
but ---- ? ---- some 200' !

so ----- half the worlds population will be gone or home less ---- soon !
half of the most productive agrarian areas ---- too ----

what does this mean to this world ? ---- an end less war over land
the on going conflicts now ----- will seam like paradise against !

you should be doing some thing about this now ! --- but I am shure ---
you will not ---- because you can not ---- being a slave of your environment !

galactic central